Modified Makita KP0810 Planer

The Modified Makita KP0810 Planer feels just like a vintage Skil planer!
  • Features:
    • Handle set at exact angle as vintage Skil 100, 190 and 676 planers
    • Modified depth control (Cuts the same depth as a Skil)
    • Reproduction of exact front knob handle used on Skil planers
    • Available complete or as a kit (instructions)
      • The kit is compatible with the Makita KP0810 model sold in Europe, USA, and Australia
      • Please look over the instructions to see if you are willing to tackle the conversion yourself, if not we are more than happy to convert it.

Price(Kit Only- No Planer): $249.95

Price(Full Planer): $599.95

Email for more info or wholesale orders!