Membrane Air Vent

These are the original EPS / hollow board vents developed back in 2007 and have been in use since with a zero record of failures.  The inserts are machined (not molded) of PVC material same as finboxes.  There are two type of inserts, Retro-fit is flanged for surface or recessed installs or Glass-in which installs similar to the old FCS plugs.  There have been many import copies of the design since it was introduced but this is the original with a proven track record and made in the USA.  They are of the highest quality and are warranted for life. OEM users include:  Grain, Infinity, Senate Surfboards, Sailboards Maui, and many others.

  • Available as:
    • Retro-Fit (after board is made)
    • Glass-In (before board is glassed)
  • Self-Venting
  • Low profile
  • Lasts decades with proper maintenance (rinse with freshwater, keep free of debris and damage)
  • Engineered and Produced in the USA

Price: $26 Each (Retro-Fit or Glass-in)

Email for info, orders or bulk inquiries!